Wii20090906-Entry044-Avoiding Reaction

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We continue the discussion on dealing with unreasonable people and how to avoid the drama. Good, thoughtful discussion on the pitfalls and traps we should look for when trying to avoid the button-pushing and drama-creation of unreasonable people. And perhaps a surprising note about Jesus and unreasonable people.

Based on teaching by Alan Godwin.

(UPDATE: Here is Avoiding the Drama Handout, in PDF format, which covers the last two weeks of class.)

Wii20090830-Entry043-Avoiding the Drama

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Tim takes us through the differences that Christians and non-Christians face as they deal with reasonable and unreasonable people. After a quick review, he then presses on to the second point in dealing with unreasonable people.

Wii20090823-Entry042-Unreasonable People

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After spending the last few weeks talking about resolving our difficulties with other reasonable people, Trudi begins the discussion about the unreasonable people in our lives. What characteristics define the unreasonable person? What are the goals and motivations of unreasonable people?

(Based on teaching by Alan Godwin and his book, How to Solve Your People Problems)

Class notes: Handout for August 23, 2009 (PDF file)