Wii20100919-Entry091-In Law, In Love

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Trudi turns to an area of fences and relationships that we have yet to focus on – in-laws. What are the areas where you have felt yourself running into trouble in this area?

Whether you are in-law, have in-laws, or might someday become an in-law, there are some interesting things for you to consider in this lively session.

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Where are the specific conflicts likely to happen when we try to establish fences – or because we don’t? What are the signs that you might have some problem fence areas?
Trudi talks about the Fence Wars we have in Marriage today. Specifically, we talk about the intruders that would try to come inside and disrupt your marriage, how we let them in, and how we keep them out.
This teaching arc is based on the book “Boundaries”, by Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend, and is supplemented by their other books, Boundaries in Marriage, Boundaries for Teens, and Boundaries for Kids.