Wii20100613-Entry080-Fence Wars

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Where are the specific conflicts likely to happen when we try to establish fences – or because we don’t? What are the signs that you might have some problem fence areas?

Tim talks about The Family You Grew Up With and gives steps for handling those problem areas.

This teaching arc is based on the book “Boundaries”, by Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend, and is supplemented by their other books, Boundaries in Marriage, Boundaries for Teens, and Boundaries for Kids.

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Wii20090816-Entry041-Fixing the Problem, Part 2

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When there is trouble in your relationship – whether at home or work, with the spouse, children, or friends – how do you not only understand the problem, how do you FIX it?

Tim continues our discussion of Fixing the Problem, based on teaching by Alan Godwin and his book, How to Solve Your People Problems.

Wii20090809-Entry040-Fixing the Problem, Part 1

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Tim discusses how to actually fix the problem. THE problem. He also talks about the key questions to ask yourself that will help you in fixing the problem.

Much of this material is based on Alan Godwin’s book, How to Solve Your People Problems. Find his info at PeopleProblems.org.

Download the Class Notes from August 9, 2009.