PTT666-Daniel’s Prayer

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Trudi gives an overview of chapters 7 and 8 of Daniel, then dives into the prayer and response in Daniel chapter 9.

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The book of Daniel chronicles a difficult time for the people of God and how people of the kingdom of God should respond in the middle of the kingdom of darkness. This series draws on the teaching of various ministries, including Church of the Highlands, the Door of Hope, and The Bible Project.

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PTT584-Why What You Think You Know About Rules and Relationships is Wrong

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Tim explains why what you think you might know about rules and relationships is wrong, and why the Biblical Law is so important to our faith and upsetting the world. This session serves as the introduction to our next series.

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Based on the book of the same name by Jen Wilkins, Ten Words to Live By (Amazon affiliate link) finds delight, encouragement, and direction in the Ten Words God spoke to His people.