Wii20100606-Entry079-Wiivaluation, part 2

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This is the second half of our discussion on the values that are needed for healthy relationships in marriage. We used three video clips, which are available on the preceding post, which come from www.CloudTownsend.com and the teaching of Dr. Henry Cloud.

Listen to the class.

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Three videos from CloudTownsend.com formed the basis for our class this morning. The first was on Value #4.

Then, there was Value #5…

We ended with Value #6.


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Tim looks at Values #2 and 3, as we discuss the most important values in relationships.

This teaching arc is based on the book “Boundaries”, by Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend, and is supplemented by their other books, Boundaries in Marriage, Boundaries for Teens, and Boundaries for Kids.

Download the class notes (PDF).

Listen to this class.

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We used two of the CloudTownsend.com clips today as we looked at Values #2 and #3.

The first clip is entitled “The Value of Loving Others”.

The second clip, covering the third value, was The Value of Honesty.

Both of these clips, as well as many more, are available at www.CloudTownsend.com.

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We used two clips from the CloudTownsend.com website during today’s class.

The first clip explains why values are important…

The second clip covers the #1 value that must be part of every marriage relationship…