Wii20090712-Entry036-The Conflict Trap

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Trudi teaches on avoiding the conflict trap, specifically looking at the buttons that we push and are pushed in our relationships.

This teaching is based on Alan Godwin’s “How to Solve Your People Problems.” His website is at PeopleProblems.org.

Wii20090705-Entry035-People, Problems and Porcupines

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Tim starts a new series – Dealing with Difficult People – based on a book by Alan Godwin. Today he gives the introduction, including the things we resort to rather than pursuing close connections.

Welcome back…

If you’ve visited Wiilationships before, you will quickly recognize that all of our old content is missing. This is a result of a change in hosting providers, a lack of quality backup and a bit too much speed as we went round the learning curve.

At some point we may post all our previous recordings, but for now, join us as we pick up our new subject, “Dealing with Difficult People.” We hope to see you here often.