Wii20091025-Entry050-What to expect when you’re expecting

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Differences in our expectations and desires can lead to problems. Tim talks about these and some of the sexual aspects of marriage. He also gives the class an experiment to try. Lots of fun.

Wii20091018-Entry049-Few and Many

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As we continue to look at the differences between men’s brains and women’s brains, Trudi discusses the differences in the way men and women talk. Why do women seem to use so many more words than men? Is it true? Do women really talk more? How much do men need to talk? Why?

Wii20091011-Entry048-Stressing the Details


Tim explores the science behind the observations of differences between men and women. We see the differences, but WHY are we that way?

Based on teaching by Mark Gungor and Dr. Walt Larimore.

Wii20091004-Entry047-What’s Normal?

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Trudi discusses stereotypes and the differences between men and women. Based on the teaching of Mark Gungor.